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Cie Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

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The Company and the Label of Travelling Musicians



Jean-Luc Thomas – wooden flute, loop
Ravichandra Kulur – Bansuri flute

Camilo Menjura – guitar
Prabhu Edouard – percussion

Always in search of new artistic horizons, the two internationally recognized musicians Ravichandra Kulur and Jean-Luc Thomas met for the first time at the “TFE Festival of Rudolstadt” for the Magic Flute concert creation.
« Immediately we felt the complicity and friendship and at that time we had to start working »
The stage is ready for a meeting around magical improvisations. They gave concerts and recorded in Bengalore in February 2014, then with Camilo Menjura (guitar) and Prahbu Edouard (percussion) in France for the album.


Jean-Luc Thomas is a master flautist. He was one of the first to integrate this instrument into the fest-noz in Brittany. Through his many travels and meetings, he has developed a very particular protean style. Today he evolves through enriching musical experiences with traditional, classical or jazz musicians from all over the world …

Ravichandra Kulur was initiated into the heart of the enchanted kingdom of classical Carnatic music and gave his first concerts at the age of 9. His powerful breath, the clarity of every note and his solid technique have been widely recognized by critics and music lovers alike. Ravichandra is one of the most demanded flautists in India.

Camilo Menjura is a Colombian guitarist living in London for ten years. His guitar playing is heavily imbued with the sound of Latin American folk. His distinctive percussive style is a synthesis of the richness and the various rhythms found in the South American musical landscape.

Prabhu Edouard is a Franco-Indian percussionist and composer. One of the most eclectic tabla players of his generation, this distinguished disciple of the famous maestro Shankar Ghosh has accompanied the great names of Indian music (Hariprasad Chaurasia, Laxmi Shankar, VGJog, Ashish Khan, TVGopalakrishnan, T. Vishwanathan, Shashank , Rohini Bhate, Rajendra Gangani, Astad Debu). Nomadic musician and passionate experimenter, he has also collaborated with personalities such as Jordi Savall, Nguyen Lê, Joachim Kühn, Magic Malik, Moriba Ko • ta, Saïd Shraïbi, Kudsi Erguner, Jamchid Chemirani, J.P. Drouet, …
“KÔLAM”, his first album as a leader, gives voice to his innovative and contemporary vision of Indian music.
Prabhu is also an experienced teacher who is dedicated to the transmission of his art during seminars and international masterclasses.



Technical information

Set duration: 1h15
Audience capacity: unlimited
Configurations: Possibility of inviting indian musicians (Udupa – Gatham, Mutu Kumar – Tablas, Swam Selvaganesh – Kanjira)
Possibility of organizing workshops or masterclasses with musicians about improvisation and Carnatic music.
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