Cie Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

Cie Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

Company Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

The Company and the Label of Travelling Musicians

Les Rivières Aériennes

Whether amateur or pro, artisan or artist, intellectual or manual, active or contempl’active, each year in May the « Rivières Aériennes » celebrate in the Costarmorican rural Tregor the ties that bind us together. Open to everyone, young or old, they call for the sharing of experience and knowledge. Co-organised by the companies Via Cane & Hirundo Rustica, this annual roving event gets its name from the Amazonian ‘flying rivers’ phenomenon, where large quantities of evaporated water is carried further, thus irrigating neighbouring land.


© Nastie Arnace


Previous editions

20th and 21st of May 2023

Loguivy-Plougras (Village centre · Le Dresnay · Le Quinquis · Beffou Forest)

Theme : “Land(s)”

Participants : Joseph and Muriel Arnace, Hermann Strack, Diardmuid Johnson, Marlène and Fred Sellier (La Passerelle), Annie Ebrel, Thierry Châtel, Kristina Kuusisto, Monique and Denise, Yvon Allès (Ti an Arzourien Association), Quentin Marais and Nolwenn Bruneau (Bizbazart), Jean-Pierre Le Guyader (RKB), Aude Baudoin and Yann Le Cunff (Un Simple Jardin), Tremeur and Robert, Camille Lejeune, Emmanuelle Pays / Julia Kovacs / Jérémie Moreau / Arnaud Labbé-Delicata (Cie Automne 2085), Jean-Frédéric Noa and Jean-Luc Thomas

Partners : Brittany Region (as part of the ‘Fête de la Bretagne’ festival), Lannion Trégor Communauté, La Convergence des Loutres from Loguivy-Plougras


28th of May 2022

Plouaret/Le Vieux-Marché (along the sunken path from the ‘Melchonnec’ nursing home to the Café Bellule)

Theme : “Recollection(s)”

Participants : Elen Le Maître, Gabriel Faure, Véronique Bourjot, Mathias Gentric, Gildas Le Troadec, Caroline Philippe, Jean-Luc Thomas and Jean-Frédéric Noa

Partners : DRAC Bretagne (as part of the revival plan), Plouaret city, the ‘Melchonnec’ nursing home of Plouaret and the Café Bellule of Le Vieux-Marché

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