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Jean-Luc Thomas & Gaby Kerdoncuff



Jean-Luc Thomas – flutes, electronic treatments
David “Hopi” Hopkins – percussion, flutes

Quartet :
Gabriel Faure – violin, saz
Yann Honoré – bass



Breton flute player Jean-Luc THomas and Irish percussionist David “Hopi” Hopkins no longer remember when they met and began to play music together. It was probably in a session somewhere over a pint…
Since, they have been on the road, sharing the stage in France, England, Italy, Switzerland and Poland.
The dialogue between flutes and percussions in many world cultures is well documented. The duo take this air/earth duality to an uncanny, almost telepathic osmosis; both musicians have a passion for multiple musics resulting in an eclectic blending of their respective traditions coloured by years of musical experiences and encounters far beyond “Celtic” borders.



Technical information

Set duration: 1h20
Audience capacity: unlimited
Configurations: duo or quartet. Possibility of workshops about Irish music.

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Facebook : Thomas / Hopkins

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