Cie Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

Cie Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

Company Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

The Company and the Label of Travelling Musicians

Cie Hirundo Rustica & Label Hirustica

Driven by Gaby Kerdoncuff and Jean-Luc Thomas, the Hirundo Rustica Company and the Hirustica Label support create artistic projects of roving musicians since 2005.

Established in the French departement Côtes d’Armor “Trégor” area, one foot in the “Argoat”, rich land of Breton culture, and another in the “Armor”, shores open to the world’s cultures ; the company’s artists co-mingle beyond borders in popular and contemporary musical aesthetics.

In tempo with their poetic and sensitive music coloured with Zinder’s warmth, Nordeste’s glee, Belfast’s fervour and Bangalore’s spirituality, they never stop nurturing the art of sharing and listening. Free and inspired, from solo to quartet formations, their creations are beautiful havens which welcome for unique moments guests from here and around the world.

As a result of these rich human and artistic encounters, Hirustica, an independant Breton label, offers a range of more than 17 musical creations, delivered in France by l’Autre Distribution and in the Benelux by Xango Music.


Management – Booking agency – Records Label

The Hirundo Rustica Company and the Hirustica Label are a professional tool for artistic production and broadcasting of performances and a label geared to musicians who, while firmly rooted in their own traditions, are keen to travel and to participate in international exchanges.




Jean-Luc THOMAS – Associated artist


Caroline PHILIPPE – Administration
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Aurélie ARNAUD – Development
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Janick LE SOMMER – Production
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