Cie Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

Cie Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

Company Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

The Company and the Label of Travelling Musicians



Référence HIR-912082

Album distribué par l’Autre Distribution

The passing on of music from one musician to another and from one soul to another continues, echoing ancient melodies that used to be heard throughout the city, in churches and cafes; in the mosques and courtyards of stone-carved buildings. These tunes, in Arabic, Syriac, Armenian, Turkish and Kurdish, have been passed down from one generation to the next, their beauty serving as the sole weapon against falling into oblivion.

The imaginary of Fawaz Baker, citizen of the world, drinks from many different fountains. With his new quartet Alep-Brest, the composer pioneers a free, deterritorialized musical language. It is difficult indeed to pin down this universe, bathed as it is in eastern perfumes and crossed with South-American and gypsy scents, as classical as it is traditional. Thanks to its bright tonal coupling, this little miracle gets worked.
Anne Millour, le Quartz, Scène nationale de Brest


Manon Courtin – guitar/vocals
Helena Récalde – bass/vocals
Samir Homsi – percussion/vocals
Fawaz Baker – direction/oud/vocals



1 ) Hadi (F. Baker / Al Rawandi) – 6’54
2 ) Chouby (F. Baker) – 4’20
3 ) Karte  (F. Baker / Traditionnel/ F. Baker) – 6’07
4 – Ayyoub  (F. Baker / Abul Ala Al Maari Xe century) – 9’59
5 ) Aed Lana  (Traditional / F. Baker / Text by a poetess from the city of Homs, Al Tillawiya – 18th century) – 5’25
6 ) Abu said (F. Baker) – 3’29
7 ) Tango d’Alep (F. Baker) – 2’03
8 ) Sonate (F. Baker / Omar Al Batsh Alep 1950) – 4’26
9 ) Brest  (F. Baker / Traditional / F. Baker) – 4’32

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