Cie Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

Cie Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

Company Hirundo Rustica · Hirustica Label

The Company and the Label of Travelling Musicians




Référence HIR-140175

by l’Autre Distribution

OFICINA IS A FLOWER GROWN FROM A SEED planted in the late 1990’s. This music, this universe, has blossomed from meetings and adventures experienced during exchanges between Brazil and Brittany. The flowers unfolding today are ready to release their pollen, thus creating new flowers of poetry and humanity throughout the world.

The flute captures the invisible here and everywhere.
The most modest of instruments, it shapes the subtleties of the “big picture» using only wood and a few holes, the memory of the ages.
One day,Yacouba Moumouni, peul friend of Jean-Luc Thomas, set down as a kind of algebra, the four points of the learning process: “ one, the mouthpiece; two, the fingers; three, the brain; and you need number four, the HEART! It was through this heart that the man from Kerlaveo started another journey. This time to Brazil.
The rest is fervour, humanity, fraternity, and the magic, tragic words which fly through countries evoked by the melodious air of the flute: the goddess Samba, the Dawn Cock symbol of the Carnival of Recife and its masters of the Frevo, the female flute and the male flute, the friend appropriately named Joao Du Fifre, the night of the silent drums – a ritual in memory of the slaves lost in the ocean – Lampiao the bandit who wore the tricorn of the cowherds of the Northeast, Kilombo – the maquis resistance against the Portuguese settlers – the Maracatu putting rhythm into the trance of Candomblé, the great wise flutes of the river Xingu indians, and then the workshop Rio-Aubervillers and the town Choro de San Paulo des Tropiques
The flute is the temple of a little bit of this and a little bit that, in the land where impossibilities come together.


Jean-Luc Thomas: fluts, pifano, live electronics
Carlos Malta: saxophon, clarinet, pifano, kuluta
Bernardo Aguiar: drums
Julio Cesar: drums
Augusto Mattoso: double-bass
Daniel Murray: guitar
Vitor Lopes: harmonica
Carlinhos Antunes: guitare, kora, cuatro
Gabriel Levy: piano, accordion
Tiago Daiello: double-bass
Pedro Ito  drums
Camila Jabur: haikus,voices



1 – Sete Santos • 4’14
2 – Toni Braga • 6’06
3 – Frevo de Meia Lua • 2’49
4 – Les Cloches d’Anselmo Alves • 2’44
5 – Pifano Carioca • 4’48
6 – Entre Nos O Mar • 1’28
7 – Madhu • 8’25
8 – Laranjeiras-Serafim • 4’38
9 – Chego em Fine o Mar • 1’33
10 – Recife • 3’30
11 – Maracatu PR • 6’40
12 – Vento Sem Porto • 0’44
13 – Samba de l’Hirondelle • 2’18
14 – Ar Vestrez Klanv • 9’44

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